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We are Dedication Service Solutions

Welcome to our first blog post. My name is Jolandie Keating, and I am the founder of Dedication Service Solutions. This blog is not about me. It is also not to promote the business. I want to use this platform to share our experiences, challenges, tips, and tricks. I want to keep you in the loop with changes in legislation and how it affects you, but to do this, I will first have to share with you what we are about and what we do.

Why we started

Dedication Service Solutions was born after I realized the lack of quality in service that smaller clients receive from the big players in the staffing game. The whole idea behind Dedication Service Solutions is just that, Dedication! Dedication in everything we do, every service we deliver, every person we meet. Whether it be a client, a supplier, or an employee. Dedication to doing the right thing. Dedication to processes. Dedication to procedures. Dedication to being dedicated. Dedication to being compliant.

Dedication to the cause, our cause! What is our cause? Dedication Service Solutions aims to offer personalized solutions to alleviate the challenges and obstacles that get tossed into the direction of business and life. We are dedicated to you!

Where we started - Staffing

We started our journey in July 2019 with high expectations of success. We started small and very quickly realized that we would have to think big if we wanted to make it big. Clients did not want to do business with us if we were not VAT registered for starters. Something we did not consider important early on, but we realized very quickly that it mattered – it mattered very much. Then there were all the other certifications and compliances that had to get done to be regarded as a compliant labour broker. We tackled this mammoth task and there have been many forks in the road, and a few potholes and bumps, but we can confidently say that we are a fully compliant staffing provider – or labour broker, if you prefer.

COVID-19 - Cleaning

Talking about bumps in the road, 8 months after kicking off Dedication Service Solutions one of the most memorable phenomena of our time transpired, COVID-19! Not in my wildest dreams did I ever foresee a pandemic breaking out that would impact the economy, and everyday life like it did. Worldwide! Like most people and businesses, I got a bit despondent. At the time most of our clients were either in events or liquor distribution which got closed temporarily, but long term – this meant that most of our business was standing still with no foreseeable change in the nearby future. We had to do something, and we had to do it fast.

We investigated Commercial Office Cleaning, COVID-19 Decontamination and Domestic Cleaning as a service offering and decided to take a chance in the cleaning game. We already had the database of qualified, experienced staff and considering the job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were even more staff available. We invested in the right machinery and equipment, employed the experienced cleaning staff, and took a chance in tendering for some jobs and quotes, and as it turns out, we are exceptionally good at what we do.

Because we value doing things right and therefore have ensured compliance required for doing business correctly, we were able to effortlessly claim UIF TERS for all our qualifying staff members. Yes, sometimes the pay-outs have taken long in some instances, but all our staff has been looked after during these tough economic times.

Specializing field - Crime Scene Cleaning

We have identified a need for compassionate trauma and crime scene cleaning and completed all the necessary registrations and training and obtained the required certifications to offer such a specialized service. There is certainly a lack of knowledge about the cleaning of blood, bodily fluids and human tissues in South Africa, and the dangers involved in effectively cleaning a scene where trauma or crime occurred. Most people tend to be irresponsible, and we find that in areas where the services are needed most, in the poverty-stricken, crime-affected areas, people take care of contamination themselves by simply rinsing away with water with no concern for what is left behind. These methods do not kill the air- and bloodborne pathogens involved and many times serious killer viruses like HIV, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B can be transmitted to unknowing, innocent bystanders when not handled correctly.

With this blog, we aim to educate and inform our followers so that they are aware of the dangers and know exactly how to act and who to contact should they require our services of cleaning up contaminated areas where blood and biohazardous material has been spilt. Nobody knows if this will ever be a service that they would require. I sincerely hope you will never have to. Sadly though, traumatic events can happen to anybody. Especially considering the high rate of crime in South Africa. But it is not only criminal events that create blood spills and biohazardous materials that need to be cleaned up and removed. Unfortunately, unattended deaths are common, hoarding is a reality, suicides and homicides happen daily. And most commonly, car accidents.

No person should have to take care of the aftermath of a loved one who has passed on. Dedication Service Solutions can take care of this for you.

We restore an area as close to its original condition as we possibly can. Some of our competitors prefer to rip out the carpeting and discard furnishing that has been polluted by the slightest stains of blood or bodily fluids, without even attempting to remove the aftermath. We have had much success with cleaning heavily soiled areas and attempt to effectively clean, decontaminate and disinfect areas as far as possible, without causing any further damage. Only as a last resort will we consider discarding items if there is a certainty that an item cannot be saved or if cleaning would be too expensive.

On a lighter note

There you have it. Now that you know who we are and what we do, we can move to more interesting discussions in future blog posts, and I look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

Remember, we are Dedication Service Solutions, and we are dedicated to you and would be happy to assist you in my way. Just call us on 021 987 0244!

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